True Love

Battle Cry
True Love
Fod's of War
Dick Head
Whore Knob
Stand & Fight



I was lookin for a party on a Saturday night

Stayin outta trouble, avoidin a fight

I was walkin the streets wonderin what to do

Then I passed this house and out steps you

I said hey pretty lady come over here

I said hey pretty lady lemme buy you a beer


Right now I knew that I had the one

I finally found my only true love


We walked down the street to the liquor store

She said she aint a slut and she aint a whore

Well I bought some of this and I bought her some of that

I bought her everything cause she wasnít fat

She had hair on her lip that Iíll never forget

But I really needed laid so I took what I could get


Maybe not perfect and beginning to swell

But itís already three so what the hell


I took her back to my place and got Bicardi drunk

That bitch really stank yeah just like a skunk

I drug her leg first and laid her in bed

Then I stripped off her panties but I saw some red

I didnít give a fuck so I ate her out

Even though her pussy smelled of dead trout


Thereís nothing like fishing

In the comfort of bed


I woke the next morning and let out a shout

Said what the fuck is this whatís it all about

My dick was swollen up and lookiní kinda green

I tried to close my eyes and forget what I had seen

She said she didnít really know what it was

Had it since thirteen caught it from her cuz


Surely itís not true

I only wanna be with you


I went to the doctor the following day

He said sit down and do what I say

He got a brillo pad and some chlorox bleach

It hurt really bad so I let out a screech

Stop scrubbiní there doc I started to plead

Stop scrubbiní there doc cause Iím startiní to blead

An hour of torture and it was finally done

He said stay home and take Ďer easy son


Suffer like this I would do for no other

But Iíd do anything for dear old mother


I stayed at home for a week or so

Then I had to start searchiní for that ho

I found her down on the south-east side

I said get in letís go for a ride

Well that dumb bitch smiled and got right in

I said sit down and let the games begin


I tied the ho up and stuck her in her ass

Just one more time I couldnít hardly pass

I stuck her three times and she started to shiver

Now the dirty slutís sleepiní at the bottom of the river


Colonel Sanders

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