Dick Head

Battle Cry
True Love
Fod's of War
Dick Head
Whore Knob
Stand & Fight


Like the energizer bunny, you never stop

Been up for a week, now youíre spinniní like a top

Smokiní crystal meth, and snortiní cocaine

Free basiní morphine, stickiní you vain


Tweaked out space case, stuck in a chair

Been there for hours, doiní nothiní but stare

This is the string I know so well

Some canít take it, so they call it hell


Sittiní here thinkiní, grindiní the gear

Geekiní at the walls, and the sounds I hear

They say I look ill, and all strung out

That fucked up mess is what Iím all about


I was driviní way too fast and haviní lots of fun

Then got busted stealiní anny, now Iím on the run

Peepiní out the blinds, and lookiní down the street

Theyíre all undercover, everyone I meet


Colonel Sanders

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