Battle Cry

Battle Cry
True Love
Fod's of War
Dick Head
Whore Knob
Stand & Fight



And an army rises from the ashes of a scorned society

Arming itself with knowledge and wisdom

Digging trenches of loyalty and will


Kings quiver at the thunderous sound of  a mass’ marching feet

The fields are set aflame

But the brigade’s determination cannot be diminished with such physical means


They spread their seed across the land

Overshadowing all light which once shined upon the nation

Darkness has fallen


The winds of change blow violently across the land

From the spawn a warrior shall emerge

With determination, pride, and the desire for freedom, he travels

Needing no weapons


The people have come to reclaim their land

Held hostage  for so long by a royal government

A system long ago sold to power and greed


The king shrieks as voices rise and the army becomes aglow with bravery and confidence


Alone the bolder resists, and does not budge

But together we stand and move an entire nation

We look behind and see destruction and ruin

Peer ahead and envision a new day

Freed from the corruption and oppression of old

Freedom the entitlement they held so deer

They have been destroyed from within


Colonel Sanders

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